Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Price Quotes for New Comcast Xfinity Service


If you call in to Comcast to get a service quote, the offer you are given is only valid on the call with the agent giving you the quote at that time.  If you want that offer you should have the agent put the order into the system to hold it.  It’s likely you could get a different package or even higher rate if you elect to call back in as offers change regularly, agents have access to different offers, interpret equipment you need differently, etc.  You are not financially obligated until 30 days after the installation since Comcast offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Comcast requires any past due balances and deposits ($100-$200, refundable after 12 months) be paid prior to starting new service.

Comcast is the fastest high speed internet service provider in the United States offering downloads up to 2 GBps according to Ookla Speedtest.net

CenturyLink and many other service providers are DSL and may require a phone line to get internet service OR require the phone line to get the $19.99 advertised Internet rate.  CenturyLink DSL is slow- with many customers reporting speeds up to 1.5mbps (not 20mbps advertised) and CenturyLink knows it so they offer a $20 monthly price with a 5 year contract to entice customers more focused on price which sounds enticing but once you realize how slow their internet is, it’s too late to switch and you’re stuck in their contract.  Not everyone gets slow speeds with CenturyLink but eventually you may cap out at their offered speeds and will need to switch to another provider.  It is easy for the average home user to need speeds faster than CenturyLink can offer.

Don’t call in to only order only Internet service.  You are wasting your time because you can sign up online faster and don't have to be hassled by the agent about all of Comcast's other services.  The agent you speak with on the phone doesn’t get paid commission for signing you up for Internet-only service and will generally charge you more for monthly service and installation.  Sign up for Internet-only service online.  Only call in to sign up if you have your own modem, know your home is Comcast-ready and you want to self-activate and are ready to start using the internet service on the same call.

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