Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Secrets For Starting & Stopping Service at Local Comcast Xfinity Stores


You cannot call your local Comcast Xfinity store.  They accept walk-in appointments on a first come, first serve basis only.

You can pick up equipment at any store. You do not need to call in to tell us which store you are going to.  They all have access to your account.

Do not call Comcast to ask if you can return or swap equipment at the local store.  You only need to call if you want Comcast to mail you equipment.  You can also order additional TV boxes online.  Otherwise, just go to the local store to swap or return equipment.  There is no need to call in first – you are only wasting your time by doing so.

Comcast Xfinity has a partnership with The UPS Store for customers that want to return equipment.  Instead of waiting in line at a Comcast store customers can take their equipment and account number to a UPS Store, hand it to the UPS Store clerk and have the equipment scanned off their account.  The UPS Store clerk will even provide you with a receipt showing the equipment was returned.

If your service was disconnected for non-payment and you plan on paying and restoring service DO NOT RETURN YOUR EQUIPMENT!!  Even if you are called about returning the equipment, advise the caller you are going to keep it and restore service.  Once your past due balance and refundable security deposit is collected Comcast can restore service remotely without needing to send someone back out to your home.

Keep in mind there is a mandatory deposit required to restore service disconnected for non-payment within 30 days of disconnect. If you wait longer than 30 days to restore or start new service a credit check will be done to determine if a deposit is necessary.  You can skip the credit check by paying the mandatory $100 deposit.  Deposits are refundable after 12 months good payment history or in the event you cancel before 12 months the deposit is credited back to your account at the time of disconnect. This policy is outlined in the Subscriber Agreement.

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